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Understand Custom Templates

This article explains how you can use custom Word templates for Minutes, MeetingBook and Agenda print in Decisions. You will also find links to some ready made templates you can use as-is.

Custom Templates in Decisions

The following templates can be customized:

  • Word Minutes
  • Agenda print (Word)
  • MeetingBook (Word)
  • OneNote minutes (HTML)
  • Agenda print (HTML)

This article explains and provides examples related to Word templates. The OneNote minutes and Agenda print for web templates can also be customized, but this is not covered in this article.

Levels of customization

We divide the levels of customization into three levels:

  • Free / Self-service
  • Custom 
  • Premium

This article explains on Free/Self-service customizations.

Simple customization (free/self-service)

This customization requires no involvement from Decisions and is provided as a free service to all our customers. It's the simplest way to use a custom template; just preview and download a ready-to-use template and follow to steps to deploy it.

We provide a set of standard templates with some different layouts and colors that you can download and use. It is possible to have one Word minutes, one OneNote minutes and one MeetingBook template active at once within a team.

Click on one of the links in the below table to download/see a preview or download the template files (the previews/examples have a logo added, there is no logo in the template files).

Description Preview/example Download template files
Word minutes default  Preview Download
Word minutes option Preview Download
Word minutes with table layout Preview Download
MeetingBook default Preview Download
MeetingBook option Preview Download
Agenda print default Preview Download
Agenda print option Preview Download

Deploying the template(s)
To deploy, test and use the templates in your Team (or Teams), follow these steps:

  • Download the ZIP file containing the template files
  • Unzip the ZIP file
    • It will contain one or more files (.DOCX and .HTML)
    • Remember to unzip, not just open!
  • Go to https://app.boarddecisions.com/web/#/config
  • In the "Select a group" field; Search for the Team where you want to use/test the template
  • Click on the Team name
  • Click on the link "Click here to open config folder"
    • (It's located at the bottom)
  • SharePoint will open the selected Team's template folder
  • Copy/upload all the template files (.DOCX or .DOCX + .HTML) into this SharePoint folder
  • The template will be used the next time you create Minutes, MeetingBook or Agenda print in this Team.

Company logo:
You can add your own logo to the templates by following the steps described in this article.

To use the template(s) in all the Teams:
You can deploy the same templates to all the teams in your organization by following the steps described in this article.

Further customization (Word templates)

For those who themselves want to make additional adjustments to the templates, we provide some guidelines and instructions on how to do them.

Customization examples include:

  • Changing font style, color, and size for
    • Meeting and participant information
    • Agenda items
    • Header and footer content
  • Move or change the position and order of content and fields.
  • Add static content.
  • More...

Read more about customizations here.

Advanced customization - Premium

If you require more specialized or advanced customizations to your templates, or need to customize several templates, then you can contact support@meetingdecisions.com or your Decisions customer success manager for advice and a quote.