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Create your first meeting agenda with Decisions Meeting Secretary for Outlook

It’s easy to get started! 

This article focuses on Decisions for Outlook - find Decisions for Teams here


  • Launch Outlook on desktop or the web
  • Create a new or open an existing meeting 
    Fill out the meeting details including the date, start and end times, and subject
  • Click on the Decisions Meeting Secretary add-in
    Select the O365 Group or Teams team for the meeting (read more about Microsoft Groups and their role in Decisions). This is where the agenda and files will be saved. 
  • Build Agenda
    • Give each agenda item a title and allocate the amount of time needed
    • Select a presenter or add a guest presenter
    • Include a description and attach relevant materials 
    • Set the Agenda item type to inform Meeting Attendees about the purpose
    • Add tag(s) to easily find related topics later
  • Publish the agenda
    • Agenda Link: A link to the agenda
    • Agenda Summary: The current agenda topics, along with the agenda link
    • Meeting Book Link: Option only available if Meeting Book is created. The Meeting Book is a complete compilation of the agenda and attachments into a consolidated PDF that can be shared with meeting participants.
  • Send the meeting request