Logging A New Decision

Log and Review all the important Decisions you make during your meetings

Once the agenda is added to the meeting, you gain access to log all the important Decisions you and your team make during the meeting

  • Locate the Agenda Item that you want to associate the Decision with, select the 3-dot menu in the bottom right corner of the Agenda Item and select the second option, "New decision".

  • A new window will appear

  • Enter a "Title" and "Description" for the Decision. 

NOTE: The Title field should be populated with the topic being considered for the Decision. The Description field should be populated with the Decision that is made.

  • Select the Proposed option if the Decision is still outstanding, or the Final option if the Decision has been made

NOTE: If the voting functionality is not enabled for your group, you will not be prompted to add a title to the Decision, and the Decision will automatically default to a final decision.

  • To log the Decision, select the Blue Save button
  • You will now see a numerical indicator showing that you have 1 (or more) Decisions associated with that agenda item
  • You can review all the Decisions you have made within the Team and Channel by navigating to the Blue Decisions tile at the top of your agenda
  • Hover your mouse over the Blue Decisions tile will give you the option to view your Decisions in a List or export your Decisions List to an Excel document
  • Selecting the Decisions List will allow you to review each Decision and see the date, title, and agenda item the Decision is associated with
10. By selecting the 3-dot menu on each decision entry, you can "Replace" an old decision you have logged with your updated decision, "Delete" the decision, or "Edit" the decision

NOTE: To enhance your decision-making process, learn more about our secure voting premium feature here