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March 2021 - Product Updates


Distribution list and O365 group now shows individual members

When you invite a distribution list or an O365 group to the meeting, the individual members of those groups will now be shown across the Decisions platform. Members of those groups will now shop up in the Attendee overview, and can be assigned as Presenter or Guest Presenter, and individually notified on Agenda items. 


Welcome to Decisions - Onboarding carousel

New users on the Decisions platform will now see a welcome message with introduction to the key features in Decisions, making it easier to get started. 

Guest Presenter - Detailed status of response

In the Notification Panel you will now be able to see the individual response for each Guest Presenter invited. It is now very easy to get an overview over who has accepted the invitation, and who you might need to invite again or follow-up with directly. 

Status   Symbol
Not invited   Grey dot
Invited No response Orange exclamation point
  Accepted Green checkmark
  Tentative Question mark
  Declined Red x
Email sent (Read-access)   White circle and checkmark


Admin Portal - Groups and users in Decisions

Decisions Admins can now see all the teams/groups that are using Decisions in their tenant/organization, and also the count of unique users across teams/groups.



Meeting Side Panel - Time Tracker

The time tracker is now available for the agenda in the Decisions side panel. This makes it even easier to keep your meeting on track and make sure you cover all topics. The blue bar even turns orange as you reach the end of the allocated time for an agenda item. 

Mobile App - Meeting Book

Meeting Book created for a meeting is now available in our mobile app - Meetings by Decisions. Enabling you to get an overview and prepare for an upcoming meeting straight from your phone or tablet. This also makes it even easier to open the Meeting Book in your preferred note-taking app.


Mobile App - Suggest Agenda Item

With the latest release of our mobile app - Meetings by Decisions, you can now suggest agenda items for an upcoming meeting straight from your phone or tablet. 


Electronic signatures using Adobe Sign

You can now send the finalized Minutes document (PDF) for signing directly from the Decisions Meeting Documents Manager (Word side-panel). Read more