Create your first meeting agenda with Decisions Meeting Secretary

It’s easy to get started! 

Step I: Launch Outlook on desktop or the web


Step II: Create a new or open an existing meeting

Fill out the meeting details, including the date, start and end times, and subject


Step III: Click on the Decisions Meeting Secretary add-in

From there, the agenda builder will open. 

First, you’ll select the Office 365 Group for the meeting (read more about Microsoft Groups and their role in Decisions) and then create the agenda. Drag and drop agenda items if you need to rearrange the agenda.

  • Give each agenda item a title and allocate the amount of time needed
  • Select a presenter from the Group or add a guest presenter
  • Include a description and attach relevant materials 
  • Add hashtag(s) to easily find related topics later

Step IV: Publish the agenda
Select which options you want to include in the meeting description

  • Agenda Link: A link to the agenda
  • Agenda Summary: The current agenda topics, along with the agenda link
  • Meeting Book Link: Option only available if Meeting Book is created. The Meeting Book is a complete compilation of the agenda and attachments into a consolidated PDF that can be shared with meeting participants.

Note: You can publish the meeting with a blank agenda and attendees can suggest their own items.

Step V: Send the meeting request

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